Production Manager

MÅ‚awa, Poland from 2016-04-28

Overseeing the production process;
Meeting production targets;
Ensuring quality standards;
Ensuring cost effective manufacturing;
Drawing up the production schedule;
Implementing quality control programs, monitoring product standards;
Supervising and motivating the team of workers;
Reviewing workers performance, resolving possible problems, identifying training needs;
Ensuring the health and safety guidelines are followed;
Working with managers from different departments;
Raw materials and production management;
Preparation of documents, management, supervision;
Coordination of production lines and equipment.

Apply until
Position type
Job requirements
At least 3 years of experience on similar post;
Knowledge of meat processing industry;
Knowledge of production law, procedures and documentation;
Proficient MS Office user;
Pursuit of perfection and the ability to assimilate innovation;
Good communication and planning skills, attention to details;
Analytical thinking, initiative, responsibility, independence, teamwork;
Knowledge of English and Russian languages.

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